Welcome to Snake Discovery, where I bring the reptiles to YOU and teach kids (and adults!) about reptiles during fun and educational programs! My hands-on style of learning grabs the attention of all ages, and plenty of props and live examples are used for a well-rounded, engaging program for everyone!

"What an awesome opportunity for the kids to see live snakes and other reptiles and learn about them. Emily is fantastic with the kids and I would highly recommend her for your child's birthday party or any group!" -Hilltop Daycare and Preschool, April 2015

To book a program, please email me at Info@SnakeDiscovery.com for details. For easier scheduling, it’s best to book your program at least 2 weeks in advance. If you’d like to book a program sooner than that, dates might be limited. But it never hurts to email me and see what I have open! I serve Minnesota and Wisconsin.

I have three different reptile programs for you to choose from for your library, park, scout meeting, or other event!

1. Snake, Rattle, & Roll: This program focuses on native reptiles with an emphasis on snakes. The audience will learn about salamanders (to know the difference between reptiles and amphibians), turtles, snakes, and meet several of the species that call Minnesota and Wisconsin home! I bring a tiger salamander, 1-2 native turtles, 2-4 native snakes, and 4-5 exotic reptiles. Quantity of reptiles depends on length of program booked. A large boa constrictor named Doug makes an appearance at all full-length (45-minute) programs! This program is my most popular one, making up about 95% of all my programs. It is great for all ages, and I bring the largest variety of reptiles to this one. It is also the program I bring to birthday parties.

1. Totally Turtles!: This program covers all of Minnesota and Wisconsin's native turtles. Kids learn what makes turtles so unique when a volunteer gets to "transform" into one! Kids even have the opportunity to hand-feed a large tortoise, and learn about the differences between five native species that also make an appearance. This program is great for an adult-based audience too!

2. Reptiles Around the World: This program covers reptiles both large and small, common and rare! We travel around the world to meet reptiles from every continent! Except Antarctica of course, since reptiles don't live there, haha. Learn what a Legless Lizard is, touch a non-venomous "cobra" (the False Water Cobra which imitates a real cobra), see the difference between a normal and an albino gecko, and much more!

Upcoming Public Programs

The following programs are free for the public to attend*:
>>>This list will be updated in early 2018! Public programs occur during the summer months. The reptiles are currently taking a much-deserved rest from libraries, parks, etc, but we still offer programs for birthday parties and other events year-round!<<<

All other programs for the rest of the year are private events. Most public programming is in the summer.

*Some places may require pre-registration. Please lookup the individual venue's website to determine this before attending.