Reptiles for Rent (Minnesota area only)

My reptiles are available for photoshoots, music videos, television, and more!

Since my reptiles are handled on a daily basis, they are excellent for use in photography sessions, video, and other media productions. They have done ads for large retail companies like Best Buy and Target, as well as a music video for a local band! Prices vary depending on species desired and length of the shoot. Through my connections I can get ahold of just about any kind of exotic animal for projects. Below are some examples of their work:

Best Buy Social Media Ad (2016)
Reptile: Green Iguana






Adam and Eve photoshoot (2016)
Local Photographer
Reptile: Common Boa Constrictor "Doug"





Holiday Photoshoot (2016)
Barbara O'Brien Photography
Reptile: American Alligator "Rex"


AAA Travel Insurance Commercial (2017)
Reptile: Green Iguana
Click the image to watch the commercial!



By By the Thousands music video (2016)
Click the image to watch it on YouTube!