"Thank you so much for being the amazing educator, advocate, and role model that you are. The program we booked, was absolutely amazing, and will be the talk of all who attended for years to come. It is wonderful to come across such an amazing role model. Please keep up the wonderful work that you are doing."
-Beth Lukomski, July 2019

"Emily, I was at your presentation at Rib Mountain [State Park] in Wausau today. WOW. That was SO engaging and educational. You did a PHENOMENAL job. You shared interesting facts and kept kids and adults alike on the edge of our seats during the whole presentation. I am still in awe that we were able to hold the snakes. We go to many science museums, aquariums, and zoos when we travel and see lots of conservation themed presentations. Never have I had such a big impact of a 1 hour presentation in changing how I view the animal. You dramatically changed how I view snakes. By being able to handle the snakes, it took away fear and increased knowledge. This was a wonderful example of how education fuels conservation efforts. Thanks for spreading this knowledge and experience throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota! You are clearly very passionate about your work!!"
-Sarah, State Park program attendee, July 2019

"What a unique and valuable experience!. My child learned so much and was so excited to share their knowledge when we got home!  One Dad stopped me at preschool drop-off today to tell me how much fun HE had at the party.  He was so thrilled to be able to handle our native snakes and especially, Doug, the boa constrictor!  I, too, loved every minute.  I knew my son would love the lizards and snakes as he’s been passionate about reptiles for 2+ years, but it was truly magical to watch some of the more timid kids go from shying away to handling the snakes all by themselves!  I think you did an amazing job keeping these 4-5 year olds engaged and learning about your beautiful animals."
-Cari, Birthday party, October 2018

"He has not stopped talking about the snakes and said it was the best part of his birthday!"

-Bill, Birthday party, September 2018

"I just wanted to thank you again for coming and presenting to our kiddos today.  What a great presentation!  The kids that were even hesitant about snakes and other reptiles at the beginning were jumping right in!  I loved it!"

-Heidi, Teacher, July 2017

"Thank you sooooo much Emily!  The kids could not stop talking about it.  You did a fantastic job!"
-Lori, Librarian, March 2017

"Thank you Emily. You were awesome and the kids were so engaged and learning so much. My son this morning out of the blue said, "Mom, do you know how turtles flip themselves over when they are on the backs?" I said, "No, I don't know, do you?" He said, "Yeah, they stick their necks out really far to push themselves over. I learned that last night."  So cool that this turned out to be not only fun but educational too, all for a very reasonable cost!! Loved it. "
-Mary, Cub Scout Pack Event Coordinator, February 2017

"I just wanted to write to say thank you so much for the awesome presentation last Monday.  My nieces and nephews were totally thrilled by it and I think it really opened some doors for them!  It's really a rare thing to have an activity where the kids and adults are all equally mesmerized and you were not only very informative but especially with the kids you were very engaging.  We all just wanted to say a big thanks and let you know we'll be spreading the word about Snake Discovery!"
-Tyler, Family party, December 2016

"Thank you for doing such a great job at the party!  Nico woke up the next morning to tell me that he had the best birthday party ever.  You did an EXCELLENT job with keeping ALL of the kids engaged and entertained.  Adults and children all told me what a great time they had at the party.  I think this will definitely make it into our 'family lore'."
-Gbemisola, Birthday party, February 2016

"We had Snake Discovery LLC come to our homeschool group for a reptile program. Emily was fantastic and the children loved the program. We were all very impressed with Emily's knowledge and ability to teach a variety of ages and keep it fun and interesting. After the program was over the kids were allowed to hold the reptiles for as long as they wanted. As the time went on I could see how the kids were getting more and more comfortable with the snakes, salamanders, turtles etc. Fantastic program. I would highly recommend it!"
-Mariah, Homeschool group coordinator, November 2015

"Snake Discovery was more than we could have hoped for and was the highlight of all the kids' (and parents') day. My boys are still talking about it."
-Felicia, Birthday party attendee, August 2015

"It was a treat to have you and your reptile guests out at the park last week. The program proved to be very popular and drew a large audience! Thank you for taking the extra time to answer questions from excited audience members at the end of the program."
-Jenni, Interpretive Naturalist at Interstate State Park, June 2015

"We had such an awesome experience getting to see your presentation and meet all of your critter friends! I will definitely share your information with the rest of the groups and be in touch with you hopefully in the future. All of the kids and other staff are still talking about it! Super cool :)"
-Coulee Connections, June 2015

"What a great Reptile Party! I was so impressed with how engaged and intrigued all the kids (and me) were the entire time. I'm still sweating from the live [worm] feedings. The kids looooved it though and were at times, literally at the edge of their seats. What a great idea!"
-Leah, Birthday party attendee, June 2015

"An amazing experience!! My girls can't stop talking about it. Thank you!!!"
-Katie, Party attendee, June 2015

"Snake Discovery was Amazing!"
-Heidi, Birthday party attendee, June 2015

"What an awesome opportunity for the kids to see live snakes and other reptiles and learn about them. Emily is fantastic with the kids and I would highly recommend her for your child's birthday party or any group!" -Hilltop Daycare and Preschool, April 2015