Adoption Program

Adoption Island

We fully support rescuing reptiles and amphibians in need, and thanks to our Adoption Island program we can take in surrenders and find them wonderful forever homes!

Looking to Surrender a Reptile?

We take surrenders anytime during our open hours of 12-8pm Wednesdays-Sundays. No appointment is needed, no questions are asked, and there is no surrender fee. All we ask is that a surrender form is signed turning the animal over into Snake Discovery’s care. We will also take unneeded reptile cages and accessories, but they are not required to surrender an animal. Surrendered animals are given a health check, vet care and medications if needed, and a quarantine period before being adopted out. Snake Discovery can take in all reptiles and amphibians except aquatic turtles.

Looking to Adopt a Reptile?

Due to high turnover rates (from countless amazing families!), reptiles for adoption are not listed on the website. To see what currently needs a new home, please visit Adoption Island during our store’s open hours. Adopters must either purchase an acceptable setup from our store (we’re happy to assist!) or provide a picture of their already setup habitat at home. We cannot put adoptable reptiles on hold. Snake Discovery staff reserves the right to refuse an adoption for any reason.

Although most of the reptiles we receive are in great health, sometimes an animal with chronic disabilities is surrendered. We are as transparent as possible with each animal’s health and what they need to live a happy life.